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At the peak of summer, the temperature inside your attic can reach up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. If your attic is under-insulated, it can drastically affect the cost of cooling the inside of your home. Even if just a small amount of hot air from the attic is entering your living spaces.

Proper attic insulation prevents the hot air in your attic from leaking into your home. Having an adequately insulated attic will drastically reduce cooling costs and increase the efficiency and life expectancy of your air conditioning system.

Warm air naturally rises. In the winter months a properly insulated attic will prevent the warm air in your living spaces from escaping into the attic, thus saving you money on heating costs.

Our blown-in insulation products are manufactured in the USA and installed to manufacturer specifications by certified, documented technicians that specialize in blown-in insulation applications.


  • Significantly lowers your energy bill
  • Provides a more energy efficient home.
  • Prolongs the life for your HVAC system.
  • Reduction in noise.
  • Fire Protection
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Reduced Condensation
  • More Efficient Than Fiberglass Batting.

Increased indoor air quality – Blown-in insulation creates a barrier than helps to prevent pollens,
pollutants, and airborne toxins from entering your home due to air leaks caused by poor insulation.

The best way to determine the right energy saving application for your property is for energy angel to perform a free energy audit. Thermal imaging technology allows the energy angel technician to see variances in temperature throughout the property and identify problem areas that are causing increased energy bills, such as leaky doors, windows, air ducts and under-insulated walls and ceilings. Thermal imaging technology essentially shows us where your home is leaking money.

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