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Rain gutters are more important than you might think. They can add a nice decorative element to your home, but their primary purpose is to prevent mold, mildew, and other water damage. Gutters keep your home in place by directing rainwater away from your siding and foundation.

Hate mosquitoes? A great rain gutter installation will help keep water from pooling on your property and can potentially prevent a mosquito breeding ground during the warmer, rainy Texas months.

  • Helps to prevent water stains on your walls.
  • Helps preserve the foundation of your house.
  • Helps manage water distribution.
  • Prevents water from leaking into the attic and walls of the home
  • Prevents damage to the structural foundation of the home
  • Prevents flooding to your home’s interior
  • Prevents soil erosion around the home
  • Prevents staining and warping of wood siding
  • Prevents mosquitoes and other insects that love stagnant water from dwelling in or around the home
  • Prevents termites and other pests that love moisture from infiltrating and breeding in the home
  • Prevents mold growth
  • Preserves the landscaping of your front and backyard
  • Improves the overall curb appeal of your home

The best way to determine the right energy saving application for your property is for energy angel toperform a free energy audit. Thermal imaging technology allows the energy angel technician to see variances in temperature throughout the property and identify problem areas that are causing increased energy bills, such as leaky doors, windows, air ducts and under-insulated walls and ceilings. Thermal imaging technology essentially shows us where your home is leaking money.

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